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Group Projects

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Week 4: Group Project





 Directions: Students must login to edit this page.  Please type your initials beside your comments to identify them.  You can use different colored font in order to differentiate your comments.  If by chance, you accidentally delete content previously posted, please notify me asap, so I can reconfigure the settings to reverse it. View PowerPoint presentation for specific details and goals of the project.





Team-based Learning Project due June 27th: Your group decision requires forethought, filtering (selection of important info from irrelevant facts), and prioritizing of crucial information. Do not use direct quotes.  Your description of the method must be inclusive of all the steps in the process to include implicit and explicit knowledge utilized. Your reasoning must be based upon a learning theory or framework.  You can select a reading and/or thinking tool discussed in class or present something new.  All content must be cited according to the APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition.  Each team will be given 5 minutes each to present your project to the class.  See PowerPoint for more information about the mini-project.




Students' Preferred Speed Reading Techniques, Reading Comprehension & Critical Thinking Tools



Method  (Include higher thinking skills)

Students' Reasoning




















Homework: Study the first 100 medical terminology word parts for Friday's IRAT.  I'll post practice tests on Thursday in Sakai. You do not need to post multiple choice test questions this time. 

I'm using the Dean Vaughn Medical Terminology textbook.  I found various flashcard decks online with these words.

1. Quizlet:  http://quizlet.com/4296152/dean-vaughn-medical-terminology-lesson-1-flash-cards/

2, Study Stack: http://www.studystack.com/flashcard-243558


1-minute reading rate test:  (Don't read this until the test time)  Functional Segregation within Pars Opercularis


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